Human Development

The area’s purpose is to provide the underprivileged sectors of our society with management skills and training, so that they can carry out certain tasks and thus meet their basic needs. This is achieved through the design and implementation of social, economic and cultural action programs, as well as joint work with Social Organizations.

Micro – Credit Program

We do research and development concerning micro-credit methodologies. We specialize in training programs and processes of methodological transference to micro-credit programs executive units. We believe these to be a productive financing system that has integral goals; on one hand, the promotion of work and dignified living conditions for people who are in social emergency situations, and on the other hand, the promotion of values such as responsibility, solidarity and self confidence in the communities we work in.

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Social Action Programs

We design and execute social action programs that respond to concrete social, economic and cultural problems by encouraging close work with other institutions and organizations that are devoted to solving these kinds of needs.

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