Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To contribute to the development of a new political leadership for Argentina. We work to achieve a united country, developed, fair and modern; a inclusive, collaborative and productive society.


  • To encourage an American unity; one single America, developed, in peace, united and free.



  • Addressing Argentines and Americans openly, without fear.


  • Looking at our history with respect and love, seeking to pacify it. Acknowledging what went wrong and extolling what worked out, never dividing or hurting people.


  • Looking at the future; our nation and our flag are more of a project towards the future than the past. We move forward, with idealism and realism. Dreaming and executing.


  • With the mind and the heart as one; training the mind and developing the heart.


  • Reconstructing institutions, both real and ideal. With boldness. The public powers must function but so must the moral and social ones.


  • Appreciating everyone´s contribution.