Our History

Our History

In December 1992 we formally registered our foundation and initiated our activities in the Province of Mendoza, mainly oriented towards human promotion and aiding the underprivileged sectors of the population.

By 1999, after an important institutional development in that Province, where we were twice recognized for our social work, we decided to open a new branch in the City of Buenos Aires. During those years in Mendoza we reached over six thousand underprivileged families, worked with the educational community, participating in seminars, meetings, lectures, TV and radio programs, and got more involved in the political life of the province.

With the new branch in the City of Buenos Aires, the foundation acquired a new institutional thrust, with more members and renewed objectives.

In 2008, we began our work in the Province of Cordoba, providing a new space for the training of political leaders by organizing lectures, international seminars and getting involved in the political-institutional life of the province.

Today, with over 20 years of work, we renew our commitment and keep working hard training a new generation of political leaders that with reason and heart will be able to secure the fate of our beloved Argentina.